(14.5hrs CPD + 1hr Professionalism CPD)
  • Time Duration Ballroom 1&2
    18:00-20:00 02:00 Welcome Cocktail Reception
  • Time Duration Ballroom 1&2 Ballroom 3 Ballroom 5
    09:00-10:30 01:10 Opening Ceremony
    Mr. Timothy WONG FASHK
    Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
    The Hon Paul CHAN, GBM, GBS, MH, JP
    Financial Secretary
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Mr. Stephen YIU, JP
    Insurance Authority
    10:30-10:55 00:25 Networking break
    10:55-12:15 00:30 Panel: Insights from Regional CEOs
    Ms. Anusha THAVARAJAH
    Regional CEO, Asia Pacific
    Mr. Jacky CHAN
    Regional Chief Executive & Group Chief Distribution Officer
    AIA Group
    Ms. Lilian NG
    Managing Director, Strategic Business Group
    Prudential Plc
    Mr. Mark VT SAUNDERS [moderator]
    Senior Advisor, Blackstone Inc.
    INED Board Member, Prudential plc
    Council & Co-Chair Strategy Committee, ASHK
    12:15-13:35 01:30 Lunch
    13:35-14:45 00:45 Panel: Technology as key driver of the future of insurance
    Mr. Bill SONG
    Chief Executive Officer
    ZA Tech Global
    Head of Life & Health Solutions
    Swiss Re
    Mr. Jonathan LARSEN
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Mr. Victor CHONG
    Head of Enterprise Commercial
    Microsoft Hong Kong
    Dr. Henrik NAUJOKS [moderator]
    Senior Partner
    Bain & Company
    14:45-15:10 00:45 Networking break
    15:10-16:00 2 Panel: Investment Strategies for Insurers Panel: A World of Change & Uncertainty - How can actuaries stay relevant and add value Panel: Retirement Solutions
    Mr. Chris HOWELLS
    Head of International Insurance Solutions, Macquarie Asset Management
    Mr. John LIU
    President & Managing Director, Nomura Asset Management Hong Kong
    Ms. Ruby YANG
    Chief Executive Officer, Conning Asia Pacific
    Mr. Thibaut FERRET
    Head of Solutions Asia, HSBC Asset Management
    Mr. Wil CHONG
    Executive Advisor, Asia Pacific, Canada Life Reinsurance
    Mr. Mehul DAVE
    APAC P&C Practice Leader, Willis Towers Watson
    Mr. Martin NOBLE FASHK
    CFO, Zurich Insurance Hong Kong
    Mr. Sheldon YU FASHK
    CEO, Taiping Reinsurance
    Ms. Winnie WONG
    CEO, Asia Insurance
    Ms. Trinity PONG FASHK
    General Insurance Committee Chairperson, Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
    16:00-16:30 01:15 Optimise Matching Adjustment Spread - A Role of Asset Manager Climate Risks - Going Beyond Simplistic Approaches Bridging the Retirement Protection Gap - An International Study of Retirement Schemes and Innovations in Public and Private Sector Solutions
    16:30-17:00 01:15 Managing an economic balance sheet in Asia using more advanced ALM and hedging strategies Motor Insurance - The Unfinished Journey Retirement in Japan - Overview and Recent Trends
    17:15-18:45 01:30 Pre-dinner Cocktail
    19:00-21:30 02:30 Gala Dinner
  • Time Duration Ballroom 1&2 Ballroom 3 Ballroom 5
    09:00-10:00 00:45 Panel: Growth in Emerging Asia
    Ms. Candy ESTEBAN
    CFO, SunLife Philippines
    Mr. Paul Setio KARTONO
    CFO, Prudential Sharia Life Assurance
    President, Society of Actuaries of Indonesia
    Mr. Phuong CHUNG
    Chairman, TC Advisors
    Mr. Erik BLEEKRODE [moderator]
    Head of Insurance, KPMG China & Asia Pacific
    10:00-10:50 00:45 Panel: International Hubs
    Mr. Edward MONCREIFFE
    Chief Executive Officer, Global Insurance
    HSBC Life
    Ms. Sally WAN
    Chief Executive Officer
    AXA Greater China
    Ms. Selina LAU
    Chief Executive
    The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
    Ms. Carmony WONG
    Senior Vice President, Southeast Asia Markets & Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong 
    10:50-11:10 00:30 Networking break
    11:10-12:00 Panel: Creating a Sustainable Healthcare system Panel: ESG Panel: Expanding the Actuarial Horizon - International Developments of Actuarial Talent
    Dr. Axel BAUR
    Chief Executive Officer 
    Amplify Health
    Prof. FUNG Hong
    Chief Executive Officer, CUHK Medical Centre
    Mr. Sam HUI
    Deputy Secretary for Health, Hong Kong Health Bureau
    Mr. Yuman CHAN
    General Manager, Bupa Hong Kong
    Dr. KOH Yi Mien
    External Advisor, Bain & Company
    Ms. Diana GUZMÁN
    Chief Sustainability Officer 
    Prudential plc
    Ms. Cathy LYN
    Consulting Actuary
    Duggan Consulting Limited
    Mr. Paul SWEETING
    Senior Advisor
    Hassana Investment Company
    Mr. Michael STOROZHEV
    IAA Future Taskforce
    (Chief Underwriting Officer, PassportCard Australia)
    12:00-12:30 00:45 The MedTech Trend and ESG Application in Healthcare Industry Actuarial Training and the Role of the Actuary in ESG Will Actuaries Continue to be Relevant for Insurance Industry?
    12:30-13:00 01:30 Enhancing the Sustainability of Voluntary Medical Insurance in an Aging Portfolio The Challenge and Opportunity of ESG to Insurance Navigating the VUCA World - The Actuarial Advantage
    13:00-14:00 01:15 Lunch
    14:00-15:10 00:30 Panel: Insurance Regulatory Developments
    15:10-15:30 01:15 Networking break
    15:30-16:00 Harnessing Generative AI to Augment Actuarial Efficiency and Accuracy The Rise of Intangible Assets and Addressing the Insurance Protection Gap Unveiling the Dynamics of Critical Illness Insurance in the Greater Bay Area
    16:00-16:30 AI is Here to Stay Addressing Protection Gaps in Asia Excess mortality - What are the key drivers since Covid (both in Asia and globally)
    16:30-17:00 Pricing and Valuation of Miles for Airline Frequent Flyer Programmes Navigating Global Life and Health Insurance Demand Trends
  • Time Duration Ballroom 1&2 Ballroom 3 Ballroom 5
    09:00-10:00 Financial Talent Panel: Emerging technologies and applications - views from reinsurers Panel: Embracing Innovation and Technology to address new risks and business trends

    Head of Life and Health Digital Business Accelerator
    Hannover Re

    Head of Regional Partnerships, Innovation and Product Development, Fast Growth Markets

    Co-founder & CEO

    CEO, Co-founder
    YoujiVest Technology

    Director & Deputy CEO

    Co-founder & CEO
    Position Head of FinTech
    10:00-10:30 00:30 Digital Transformation Trends Transforming Insurance - The Role of AI in Modernizing Actuarial Practices
    10:30-10:55 01:15 Networking break
    10:55-11:25 00:15 Distribution Scientist’s POV – How Actuaries can Help Accelerate Growth in Agency Actuaries Putting AI into Practice in General Insurance
    11:30-12:30 01:30 Panel: Professionalism

    Casualty Actuarial Society

    Actuaries Institute Australia

    Past President and Chair
    Society of Actuaries

    The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
    Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
    12:30-12:45 04:00 Closing Ceremony
    12:45-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-17:00 Local excursion (optional)

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