Call For Paper

Under the theme of the congress: Exploring the Future of Insurance and Beyond: Innovation, International Hubs and Hong Kong, the Organising Committee is inviting interested parties to submit current papers (or presentation) on a wide range of topic related to the theme.

You can submit an abstract for a presentation even if you do not have the final paper ready yet. The paper submission process is set out below. Presenters whose papers are accepted are invited to present in person during the 2024 AAC in October 2024. Presenters are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Presenters are also expected to pay the conference fee if they intend to attend sessions other than the session they present.

SUBMISSION PROCESS All submissions must be made online and should be in English.

The papers will be published on the 2024 AAC website later. By submitting the slides to the 2024 AAC, presenters will be deemed to have given permission to publish their presentations.

Please submit the details below together with the presenter’s biography.

Title of paper Published in the programme
Topic area Please refer to below Topics
Abstract of the paper Please provide a brief outline of the paper including the linkage to the conference theme of “Exploring the future of insurance and beyond: ⁠Innovation, international hubs and Hong Kong”.
Detailed outline of the paper Please provide a detailed outline of the paper when ready
Level of technical details Please specify the level of technical details (1 being light and 5 being very technical).
Would this paper or a similar paper be presented prior to the AAC2024? If so, please provide details (date, event/medium and audience)


Deadline for submission 24 May 2024 Submit Presenter and Paper details
Paper acceptance 21 June 2024 Accepted paper will be notified and a standard file in presentation format will be provided
First draft of submission 20 August 2024 Draft presentation slides to be submitted.
The ASHK may revert with comments, if any, in the following weeks.
Final submission 20 September 2024 Final presentation slides submitted.


1) Life/Health
1.1 Product proposition (i.e. design, pricing, underwriting, and product-channel mapping)
1.2 Development of Mortality trends
1.3 Development of Morbidity trends
1.4 Healthcare financing and sustainable healthcare solutions
1.5 Healthcare systems (i.e. public private partnership and comparing systems of different regions)
2) Property & Casualty
2.1 Climate risks
2.2 Cyber risks
2.3 Catastrophe risks
2.4 EV and autopilot risk
3) Retirement/Pensions
3.1 Aging population and mortality trends
3.2 Product proposition, practical considerations in the marketplace and commercial side
3.3 Health and wealth for the elderly
3.4 New modelling skills or tools on pension business
3.5 Contribution level / voluntary savings – what levels are required for retirement
3.6 Investment options for retirement savings
3.7 Long term fiscal planning and role of public/private partnership
4) Finance/Investment/Risk Management
4.1 IFRS17, RBC and solvency impact (i.e. day 2 enhancements, use of technology, business implications, presentation & disclosure, business performance analysis and investor/analyst view)
4.2 Capital management, interest environment and changing investment needs
4.3 Corporate finance & strategic development
4.4 Proactive/revolutionising risk management (preventive measures and the roles of insurers)
4.5 Investment strategy (including alternative solutions)
4.6 Data privacy
5) Innovations/Technology
5.1 Data Science applications by actuaries
5.2 Different forms of AI and their application and governance
5.3 Trends and use cases on Web 3.0/ Blockchain / Crypto
5.4 Emerging technologies and applications
5.5 Business digitalisation (for sales and services)
5.6 Insurance implications in the sharing / gig economy
5.7 Ecosystem partnership
6) General
6.1 Professionalism
6.2 Overview or comparison of actuarial professional development around different countries or regions
6.3 Staying relevant for actuarial leaders in tech / innovation space and ever changing business environment
6.4 How to further develop actuaries with leadership skills
6.5 Coping with ever-changing regulations and technology
6.6 GBA strategy, including customer journey & enhancing customer experience
6.7 Enhancing international financial hubs - Hong Kong and beyond
6.8 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
6.9 Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)



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