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Actuarial Society of Hong Kong

The professional body for actuaries in Hong Kong was first formed in 1968 as the Actuarial Association of Hong Kong, its successor, the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) was later incorporated in 1994. It is governed by an elected Council with a President and 14 other Council Members. The ASHK sets the Professional Standards outlined in the Insurance (Actuaries’ Standards) Rules (Cap. 41, section 129(1)) and the Actuarial Guidance Notes outlined in the various Insurance Authority Guidelines for the actuarial profession in Hong Kong. www.actuaries.org.hk
Organising Committee
Alexander Wong (Co-chairperson)
Billy Wong (Co-chairperson)
Simon Lam (Co-chairperson)
Christopher Tam
Iris Lun
Kevin Lee
Mark Saunders
Minnie Yu
Orchis Li
Sean Deehan
Sherry Du
Steve Hui
Timothy Wong
Yen Liu

Asian Actuaries Association
With roots from 1981, the Asian Actuaries Association brings together 12 actuarial associations across Asia and Australia reaching close to 30,000 members. ​
  1. Actuarial Institute, Australia
  2. Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei
  3. Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
  4. Actuarial Society of Malaysia
  5. Actuarial Society of the Philippines
  6. China Association of Actuaries
  7. Institute of Actuaries of India
  8. Institute of Actuaries of Japan
  9. Institute of Actuaries of Korea
  10. Singapore Actuarial Society
  11. Society of Actuaries of Indonesia
  12. Society of Actuaries of Thailand

Australia AAC Ambassador - Mark Wylie
Chinese Taipei AAC Ambassador - 周世宏
Malaysia AAC Ambassador - Sim Ng
Philippines AAC Ambassador - Joseph Daryl Abesamis
India AAC Ambassador - शोभना शर्मा
Japan AAC Ambassador - 勅使川原 渉
Korea AAC Ambassador - 남궁미
Singapore AAC Ambassador - Raymond Cheung
Indonesia AAC Ambassador - Yudhistira Dharmawata
Thailand AAC Ambassador - นิติพงษ์ ปรัชญานิมิต
Vietnam AAC Ambassador - Phuong Chung Ba

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